Tutorial – Decorative Weather Vane -Guest Post

Hi there! My name is Liz, Kate’s sister-in-law, and she has asked me to share a tutorial on how to make a weathervane stand.  I’m an elementary school teacher, and in my spare time I love to read, drink coffee, and every now and then tackle a DIY project (usually with help from my dad who… Continue reading Tutorial – Decorative Weather Vane -Guest Post

Happy Monday

Meal Plan Monday

Happy Monday everyone! This weeks meal plan is rather sparse because I have dinner plans with friends on Tuesday and Thursday. It is nice to get a little break from cooking and cleaning, and always delightful to get together with friends. That being said I do have some fun things to share today along with the meal plan. Tomorrow Windrose Farms is excited… Continue reading Meal Plan Monday

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Chicken Breeds – Egg Layers -Red Star

Today I will be concluding the egg layer series with the Red Star chicken breed. This breed  has several variations to their name: Red Star, Golden Comet, and Red Sex-links. But they are all one and the same. They are by far the best egg layers that I have had, and they are the breed I have… Continue reading Chicken Breeds – Egg Layers -Red Star

Food · Happy Monday

Meal Plan Monday

Good morning! I hope everyone’s Monday is off to a good start. Today is a fun day to enjoy all the creativity and hilarity of costumes and decorations. While shopping at Costco I ran into “Cleopatra” stocking up for the office party. But along with the fun there are still chores to do and planning to be done. This weekend the weather was beautiful, and I… Continue reading Meal Plan Monday