Spring Mantel Tour

Happy Spring everyone! Since spring has sprung I thought it would be the perfect time to share some decorating that has been going on in our house. Below each picture I have listed sources for each item. Make yourselves comfortable, and enjoy the peek into our home!

Spring 1

Lanterns: Pottery Barn

Sheepskin Rug: Costco

String Lights: Wal-Mart or Amazon

Spring 7


Spring 5


Window: Local antique store

Wreath: Hobby Lobby

Banner: I made the spring banner for my April make something a month challenge. You can read more about that here. And I added the cotton blossoms to the side. They were also from Hobby Lobby.

Greenery: Hobby Lobby

Spring 9

Bird House: February make something a month challenge. I painted it and glued the moss on it for the roof. Plain bird houses can be purchased at any craft store.

Birdcage: Michael’s

Glass Vases: Pottery Barn

The beautiful flowers are fresh cut from our yard.

Spring 6

Books: Laura Ingles Wilder. You can find the whole series on Amazon. I have had these since I was a little girl.

Plant and Pot: Ikea

Birds: Hobby Lobby

Spring 11

I made this cute little guy for my March make something a month challenge. I thought he was perfect for our homestead. I used an old book I bought for .50 cents at a book sale, cut out the shapes, glued them onto white paper, and glued on the little puff tail. I purchased the puff at Hobby Lobby. Check out my Pinterest page to see my inspiration for this project.

Frame: Hobby Lobby

Spring 2

I hope everyone has a wonderful, spring filled rest of the week!

roosterComing up: Tzatziki Sauce Recipe – Friday, June 2nd





















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