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Cheesecake and Steak

Recently the husband had a birthday. I made a surprise dinner for him with some of his favorite foods. Steak and cheesecake. Actually, I got a little fancier this year and bought filet mignon. Birthdays are for celebrating, right!? Since it is Friday, and the weekend is upon us, I thought I would share both the cheesecake recipe and some tips I learned on grilling filets. So get your ovens and grills fired up to try these mouth watering delights!

First up cheesecake. I tried Ashley’s recipe from “baker by nature”. We both LOVED this recipe. It is abounding in rich flavor and creaminess. If you are looking for a good New York style cheesecake recipe you should give this one a try. Ashley even has a strawberry sauce recipe you can top it with if you so choose. I didn’t make it this time around, but it looks and sounds scrumptious. A few minor changes: I used Greek yogurt instead of sour cream, and I did not use the pie crust recipe.

I had a light bulb moment at the store. I love baking and cooking, but I am also all about saving some steps. Instead of making the crust, since I had limited time, I grabbed a Keebler Ready Crust Graham Pie Crust. I crumbled it up, and pressed it all around the bottom of my spring form pan. It worked like a charm, and saved time!


You can find the full recipe here. Believe me you won’t be disappointed.

Here are some pictures of how it turned out to wet your appetite.

cheesecake 2
Fresh out of the oven. Placing it in a water bath during cooking keeps it from cracking.


cheesecake 4

Now for the filet mignon. I did a little research to learn more about how to grill it. Here are a few helpful tips I found:

  • Do NOT puncture the meat. You should only poke it when you are ready to check the temperature. You want those flavors and juices locked in there.
  • Do not flip it back and forth. Place it on the grill and cook one side for 10-15 min and then flip it over and cook the other side. Other than those two times leave it alone.
  • Let the grill warm up to desired temperature. Place the meat on the grill and leave it uncovered the whole time.
  • Lightly season once on each side

I followed those instructions and the filet turned out incredible! The biggest thing I would stress though is temperature, temperature, temperature. Once it is getting close to being done check the meat frequently. If you don’t check the temperature you run the risk of over-cooking it. I cooked the filet medium with a warm pink center. Once the thermometer read 145 F I pulled it off. It was perfect! It was melt in your mouth tender and full of flavor. My husband loved it! He said it was the best steak he has had, and that it was better than a restaurant. Needless to say I will be grilling my steaks this way from now on!



filet 2
Full of juice and flavor


filet 3
warm, pink center


filet 4

I also baked two stuffed salmon filets, and had fruit salad. All in all it was a wonderful meal and evening. I hope this helps get your weekend kicked off right. Happy Friday!


Grilling instructions can be found at:


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