Crazy Cat Lady Shoes

Today I wanted to share a pair of shoes that I purchased recently that I absolutely adore. I will start off saying {1.} I am a BIG shoe enthusiast and {2.} I am a cat fan. I have been both for most of my life. I love classic, timeless shoes, but I also love shoes that are bold, fun, unique, and make an outfit pop all on their own. With the recent adoption of our sweet little kitty Kipling my fondness for cats has grown exponentially. More and more cat items such as mugs, phone cases, watches would catch my eye. But reality finally sunk in when I purchased these shoes. I had passed the point of no return. I am a crazy cat lady!

On a side note I recently ran into a lady at Starbucks who had on the cutest cat dress. We had a nice little chat as we waited for our beverages about our love for cat items. She told me she bought her dress from Amazon. You can find it here. It is darling!

For those of you who are cat and shoe enthusiasts these shoes are for you! They are available in several colors. Mine are black and look great dressed up or down. They are sweet and fun and add spunk to any outfit. Take a look!




The best part is that Kip gives his stamp paw of approval! He couldn’t stay away from them.



Amazon has similar cat shoes that you can find here. So if you go shoe shopping this week don’t be afraid to go bold and wild! Happy shopping!



One thought on “Crazy Cat Lady Shoes

  1. Those are some of the cutest and most unique shoes I have ever seen!!! I can see why Kip loves them so much! He probably thinks they are his mommy and a sibling! Perfect for him to cozy up to!


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