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Chicken Breeds – Egg Layers -Red Star

Today I will be concluding the egg layer series with the Red Star chicken breed. This breed  has several variations to their name: Red Star, Golden Comet, and Red Sex-links. But they are all one and the same. They are by far the best egg layers that I have had, and they are the breed I have gone to again and again for the past three years.

History: They are called sex-links because the sex of the chick can be determined by their color when they hatch. Red Star’s are a cross between a Rhode Island Red and a White Rock.

Pros: Red Stars are a top egg production breed. They were specifically bred for egg production. They will often lay around 300 eggs or more a year. They have a good feed to egg laying ratio helping you save money on feed costs. They do not go broody which means more eggs for you. Red Stars are a hearty breed. They do well in both hot and cold weather, and the weather will not diminish their egg laying.

Cons: Red Stars are not good mothers. They will not go broody or sit on the eggs. If you are looking to breed Red Stars you would need to use an incubator. They can tend to be a little more aggressive and can be difficult to introduce new hens to the flock. Since they lay so many eggs a year they do “burn out” faster than other breeds. I usually replace my flock every year or every other year. Red Stars are not good for meat.

Eggs: Red Stars lay dark brown, extra large eggs. I think their eggs are beautiful. The color is usually a deep, rich brownish red color.





I highly recommend Red Stars. Out of all of the various breeds we have had over the years these are my go to ladies. Be prepared for delicious eggs in abundance! And so this concludes the egg layer series. If you are new to the blog and would like to read the other posts in the egg layer series you can read about Barred Rocks here and Leghorns here. There are some exciting posts coming up next week, so be sure to stop by. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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