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Friday Treat and Vacation

I took a brief hiatus from the blog because the husband and I finally took a vacation. It was glorious! We went to the Caribbean and had some fun in the sun and enjoyed the mesmerizing beauty of the crystal clear turquoise water and calming palm breezes. I feel refreshed, renewed, inspired, and ready to get back into the swing of things here on the homestead. I had planned on finishing the egg layers series last Friday, October 7th, but I am rescheduling it for Friday, November 4th. Wrapping things up at work and the house before our trip snatched away all of the time for blogging. And as we all know how vacation goes there is always a mountain of work once back at the office and home. I have been wading my way through everything this week, and it feels marvelous to be back and writing again! We came home to a not so lovely surprise, however. Our washer was leaking. While proceeding to conquer one of the said mountains, aka laundry, water started gushing out of the side of the wall of the garage like the rock Moses struck. Thankfully we did not experience a flood in the laundry room. Everything was dry inside, not a sign of water to be found. A sigh of relief ensued. Still we had a problem, so we had a plumber come out Wednesday. I will not bore you with all of the details of the days happenings, but the plumber showing up 6 hours late, then taking his lunch break, forgetting to buy the parts, asking me to jump his van because it wouldn’t start, walloping a hole in my brick before checking to see what the problem even was, should paint a fairly accurate picture of what my day looked like. When it was all said and done, it does appear to be fixed, thank goodness. There is only one logical conclusion though, when one has this type of day…eat chocolate of course! I was so glad I had seen a recipe for Coconut Oil Pumpkin Brownies, and had bought all of the ingredients to make them. They are moist and soft and so deliciously fudgy. And the best part of all, these bad boys are only 189.3 calories. Not too bad for a chocolaty dessert. Olena also gives a vegan option too if you prefer that. You can find the recipe here on Olena’s ifoodreal blog. I love her recipes! They are healthy and delicious. I thought I would wrap todays post up with some pictures from our vacation, and the brownies. I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, and I look forward to seeing you back on Monday for meal planning time.

roosterComing up: Meal Plan Monday – Monday, October 31st

roosterComing up: Chicken Breeds-Egg Layers-Part 3 – Friday, November 4th




Sun setting into the Sea




2 thoughts on “Friday Treat and Vacation

  1. We loved the brownies! Hahahaha the saying “good help is hard to find” rings all the more true. I am so glad you liked the pictures. Thanks for your kind words. And thank you for all the work you do with your blog and recipes. I have used several of them, and they are a huge help with meal planning and eating healthy!


  2. Glad you enjoyed the brownies! I know exactly how it feels to get back from vacation and it always seems like everything happens at once. Your leaking washer story is totally my life story haha. The contractors always amaze me. If I worked like them we would be hungry. Your vacation pics look dreamy!:)


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