Happy Monday

Meal Planning Monday

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! My weekend was filled with cleaning, home remodeling, meeting up with friends from the midwest, celebrating birthdays, and eating yummy food. Not too shabby. As the new week kicks off it is that time again to lay out the meal plan for the week. I find if I plan out our meals for the week it helps me to get some semblance of order, we eat healthier, and we save money because we aren’t going out to eat. Once the meals are planned it is one less thing to have to think about during the week, and it gets the ball rolling on scheduling and planning other items that need to be accomplished for the week. If this is your first time stopping by, and you would like to read more about why I started the Meal Plan Monday posts or you would like some other meal ideas you can read the first post here. Below are the selections I have chosen for our menu this week.

Dinner for the Week:

Monday: Taco bowls

Items needed: 1lb lean ground beef, taco seasoning, tortilla chips, black beans, tomatoes, lettuce, onion, cheese, plain greek yogurt or sour cream, and salsa.

Prep: crunch up the tortilla chips and place desired amount in the bottom of each bowl. Once the meat is cooked and seasoned, according to seasoning packet instructions, place the ground beef over the tortilla chips, add cooked black beans, diced tomatos, lettuce, chopped onion, cheese, greek yogurt, and salsa.

Tuesday: Salmon, quinoa, and broccoli

Items needed: Wild caught salmon filets, olive oil for cooking, Chef Paul’s Blackend Red Fish Magic seasoning, frozen broccoli florets, and a package of quinoa.

Prep: Toss salmon in olive oil. Cook salmon in a pan over medium heat. Sprinkle desired amount of Blackened Red Fish Magic seasoning over the salmon filets. You can add more when you turn the salmon while cooking. I cook my salmon until it gets up to an internal temperature of 135-140 degrees. (This is our preference, but it can be cooked longer or shorter.) I steam the broccoli, and cook the quinoa as directed on the package.

Wednesday: Left over taco bowls

Thursday: One pan roasted pork with sweet potato, pear, apple, and garlic. I am using Garlic Matter’s recipe. You can find it on my Pinterest board Dinner is Served here.

Friday: Left over Salmon, quinoa, and broccoli

Saturday: Left over roasted pork with sweet potato, pear, apple, and garlic

A few things to note: I am only cooking for two, and I usually buy and make enough to have left overs. I hope this helps get the creative juices going for you this week as you plan your meals. Please share any great meals you love in the comments.

This week I thought instead of sharing some pictures of Millie I would change it up and share some pictures of the newest member of the family, our kitten! His name is Kipling, and he is almost 5 months old. He is sweet and playful and follows me around everywhere. He makes the chores around the house much more enjoyable, and he is quick to inspect each task. He is very good at supervising. More to come on Kipling, and his name, but here are some pictures by way of introduction. Who doesn’t love some cute kitten pictures anyway especially on a Monday.

roosterComing up: Fall Front Porch Décor – Tuesday, October 11th

roosterComing up: Chicken Breeds-Egg Layers 3 – Friday, October 14th

Happy Monday and cookin’!

Helping knit attacking my burnt orange yarn for my scarf.




Supervising mopping…
and laundry.




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