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Egg Muffins

Since I posted about meal planning yesterday I thought today I would share one of my favorite breakfast recipes, egg muffins. I love egg muffins because they are quick and easy to make and perfect for breakfast on the go. The other great thing about egg muffins is they are very versatile. You can put just about any ingredient that you want in them. They are healthy and a good source of protein. I usually make egg muffins for my family on Sunday evening, so they are ready to go for the start of a new work week. They taste great hot or cold. Personally I prefer to warm mine once I get to work. Our hens lay so many eggs, and this recipe is eggcellent for getting them used up. I use a 12 cup muffin pan. Here is how I make my egg muffins and the ingredients that I used this time around.




Sliced turkey


Bell Pepper



Crushed Red Pepper


Preheat oven to 350 degrees

In a small mixing bowl whisk together a dozen eggs. (If using a 6 cup muffin pan only use a half dozen of eggs) Set egg mixture aside

I use 1-2 pieces of sliced, reduced sodium turkey. Tear the slices up into small pieces to use in the muffin cups.

Grease the muffin pan with coconut oil or butter. In each cup add 2-3 spinach leaves depending on size, turkey pieces, 2-3 mushrooms, 1 tbsp diced bell pepper, 1 tbsp chopped onion, and 1 tbsp of cheese. Be sure to leave enough room to fill each cup with the egg mixture.

Pour the egg mixture over the turkey and vegetables to the rim of each cup.

Sprinkle in 1/8 tsp crushed red pepper over the eggs and vegetables. You can add more or less depending on how spicy you prefer the muffins.

Bake for around 30 minuets.

Once they are finished baking remove them from the pan and allow to cool on a cooling wrack before storing them in the refrigerator.

That is all there is too it! You can change it up and make veggie egg muffins or egg white muffins or meat lover muffins. You can add more or less of any of the ingredients above. I like to change up the ingredients from time to time to give us some variety. I hope you enjoy the recipe, and that it helps you through the morning rush.




roosterComing up: Chicken Breeds-Egg Layers 2 – Friday, October 7th



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