Winds of Change


Last Thursday marked the first day of Autumn for us here in the northern hemisphere, but the weather isn’t the only thing that is changing around here. The winds of change have come to the blog, and it has gotten a makeover. The inspiration to “freshen things up” seed was first planted when I decided to think of a more official name for our homestead. Some day we do hope to expand land wise, the animals that we raise, gardening, products and so on. I went back and forth on names without anything really sticking. I had originally thought that I would name it after the topography of our land or the geography of the area we live in. But the problem I kept running into with trying to base it off of those options was I didn’t want to be locked into something like “Rolling Hills Farm” or “Hill Top Farm” because we don’t plan on staying at this location forever. So it was back to the drawing board with something that would be a little more universal and broad. Something that could fit anywhere we move. I do love that there are numerous pine trees in our area that make beautiful gentle music all their own when the wind passes through their branches. Here is where the idea seed germinated. I had one part “wind”. Hmmmm now where to go from there. Well when one is stumped it can be helpful to start asking friends and family to help get the creative juices flowing. A friend took my wind idea and love for weather vanes and started googleing. Then she found wind rose, and I knew I had found our farm name. Beautiful yet simple. But more importantly the wind rose was a predecessor of the compass rose. It gives direction. That solidified the name, and the seedling took root. I love that the name is an indication of  where we want to be going, what we want to be accomplishing, goals we have for all areas of life. Often we can get side tracked, but the name serves as a reminder of what direction we are pressing towards. I think this quote sums it up perfectly

“Direction is so much more important than speed. Many are going nowhere fast.”

I don’t want to just do things or speed through life. Isn’t it so easy to get into that mindset though? With the blog I want to offer helpful tips and lessons I have learned along the way with our animals and gardening. To have projects and tutorials to help create more. To share yummy recipes. And overall to be an encouragement and just have fun and enjoy the adventure of life.

Once the name was changed it just seemed natural and right to give the layout of the blog a makeover. I wanted it to be more clean cut, user friendly, bright and fresh, and warm and welcoming. My same fabulous friend not only helped with the name, but also designed a logo for the farm. It is super cute! She is also working on a drawing that captures our little homestead to put on the blog as a banner. She is incredibly talented! There are also buttons now available for my Pinterest and Instagram sites. So that is the journey of the blog remodel. Cheers to new ideas and designs!

rooster Coming up: I will be sharing on Friday a delectable spice cake and frosting recipe that I tried. A perfect sweet treat for fall!

Farm on! XX



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