Eggplant Pizza

Last week on Thursday I wanted to make something fairly quick and easy for dinner. I had seen recipes for eggplant pizza months ago, and finally decided to try it out. I had first seen a recipe by Julia Child, and that was the one I originally was going to make. However, that recipe called for making your own sauce: chopping garlic, chopping tomatoes, cooking garlic, cooking the tomatoes, adding fresh basil…needless to say after getting home from work and taking care of all of the animals I was not much in a chopping mood. So Julia got cut (sorry), and I took cues from a different recipe. I do plan on trying Julia Child’s recipe at some point because I am sure it is delicious. Maybe on a Saturday. I used closetcooking’s recipe to see how long I needed to bake the eggplant. The rest I pretty much made how I wanted. I only used one, large eggplant because there are only two of us, and we had leftovers. Hear is how I made our eggplant pizza.




Olive oil

Italian Seasoning


Pasta Sauce


Mini Pepperoni

Bacon Bits

Pizza 6


{.1.} Wash and cut the eggplant 1/4 inch thick.

{.2.} Preheat oven to 400F.

{.3.} Put eggplant slices on a doubled paper towel and sprinkle salt on the eggplant. Let sit for around 20 minutes. (I learned from Julia Child’s recipe and closetcookings recipe that the salt helps draw out the moisture and bitterness of the eggplant)

Pizza 1

{.4.} Once the 20 minutes is up (or however long you want to let them sit) wipe off the salt with a paper towel. Then move the eggplant onto a cookie sheet.

{.5.} Spread olive oil over the eggplant slices. Sprinkle with Oregano and Italian Seasoning. I used both, but you can use either one if you don’t have both on hand.

Pizza 3

{.6.} Bake eggplant slices for 17 minutes or until tender.

{.7.} Remove the eggplant from the oven. You are now ready for the sauce and the toppings. I used pizzeria blend cheese from ALDI and parmesan cheese. Spread the pasta sauce over the eggplant slices, and sprinkle the cheese over the sauce. Then add mini pepperoni or bacon over the cheese. Optional: Top with a little more cheese. Now they are ready for the broiler.

Pizza 4

{.8.} Broil pizzas on Hi for 3 minutes or until cheese is melted and a little browned.

{.9.} Remove from the oven, and enjoy!

Pizza 9

I made cheese, pepperoni, bacon, and meat lovers (bacon and pepperoni). My husband loves bacon…surprise surprise…so that was his special request. We both really enjoyed the eggplant pizza, and I will definitely make it again. Enjoy!



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