DIY Fall Pillows

DIY Fall Pillows

With fall right around the corner, (September 23rd is the official start to Autumn) I am getting the itch to start decorating my house with fall decorations. For several years now I have wanted to get some fall pillows, but I have never been able to bring myself to spend $40-$50 on a pillow that is only out for 2 months. So I started doing some browsing around the internet and came up with two ideas that I really liked. I could not get the pattern to open on the pumpkin pillow, so I just used the concept and made my own pillow with out a pattern or instructions, and basically made my own pattern as I went. The same with the ‘thankful” pillow.


Fabric / Scissors / Point Turner / Burlap / Twine / Glue Gun / Glue Sticks / Poly-fil / Needle / Thread

Sewing Machine and pins (not pictured)

pillow 7

Lets start with the pumpkin pillow. It takes more steps and is more time consuming than the “thankful” pillow. Both of these pillows do require a sewing machine. However, if you do not own a sewing machine you can always just purchase a plain premade pillow at a craft store and then follow the steps from there. I do not own a sewing machine, but one of my family members does, and they were kind enough to let me use it and their sewing table so I could measure and cut out the squares for the pillows more easily. I used the same fabric for both of the pillows. The fabric is permanent press muslin (100% cotton unbleached pre-shrunk) from Hobby Lobby, and cost $4.99 a yard. You will need 1 1/2 yards of fabric total. [a side note on the fabric: the fabric I used was nice and worked fine for the pillows, however, it is a thinner fabric and there is a possibility of the glue showing through. If I was going to make them again I think I would go with a little bit thicker fabric.]

Pumpkin Pillow

// STEP ONE // Decide what size you would like your pillow to be. I made mine 22 X 22. I sewed a 1 inch seem making the completed size of the pillow 20 X 20. Lay our the fabric and measure out tracing with a pencil a line on the fabric to be able to cut it out with. Do this on all four sides. You will need to do this twice so you have two squares to sew together.

I used a sewing mat to measure and trace the lines on the fabric to cut out. But you do not need one. A yard stick or ruler will work just as well.
I used a sewing mat to measure and trace the lines on the fabric to cut out. But you do not need one. A yard stick or ruler will work just as well.

// STEP TWO // Once the you have the two squares cut out for the pillow you will need to pin the squares together to keep them even while you are sewing. Now you are ready to sew the squares together. (Be sure to leave a around a 5 to 6 inch hole at the bottom of the pillow so you can stuff it once it is finished.) After you have finished sewing the squares you will need to poke out the corners of the pillow and go along the seams with the point turner. I would recommend ironing the pillow square after you have finished with the point turner to get any wrinkles out and give it a nice crisp look.

I pinned the two square pieces to help keep the pieces even while sewing.
I pinned the two square pieces to help keep the pieces even while sewing.
Just sew
Just sew

// STEP THREE // Set your pillow square aside for now because it is time to work with your burlap. I had several pieces of burlap on hand, but craft stores are abounding with it. At Hobby Lobby the burlap is $3.99 a yard. You will need 1 yard of burlap. Draw the pumpkin shape onto the burlap, and then cut it out. (It took me several tries before I got the pumpkin shape the way I liked it.)  At this point you are ready for your glue gun. Glue around the back of the pumpkin and then place it in the center of the pillow.

// STEP FOUR // You will need to use the fabric once again to make the ridges (for lack of a better name for them, ovals doesn’t sound as pumpkiney) Trace out the three center pieces and then cut them out and glue them onto your pumpkin.

pillow 1

Pillow 2

// STEP FIVE // Twine time! Grab that twine and glue gun because now it is time to trace around the pumpkin with the twine. I did not trace around the stem because later the twine will be coming out from the stem to make the vines. Once you have traced around the pumpkin with the twine then you will also trace around the center pieces of fabric with the twine.

Pillow 3

// STEP SIX // Now comes the fun part! It is finally time to stuff the pillow. I love the stuffing. It always reminds me of cotton candy. I used two whole 12 oz. bags of Poly-fil on my pillow. Just keep stuffing and shaping as you go until you get to desired firmness and shape.

// STEP SEVEN // Take your needle and thread and sew up the hole at the bottom of your pillow. And voilà you have a fall, pumpkin pillow to enjoy!

Thankful Pillow

Follow the same steps 1-2 that you did on the pumpkin pillow. The only thing that will change is the size. I made the rectangle pieces 22 X 10 and sewed a 1 inch seem making the finished pillow measure 20 X 8. Once you have the pillow sewn together and ironed (if desired or needed) you are ready to write “thankful” or whatever fall type phrase you would like to use. I did not write on the pillow I made. My handwriting is neat and legible, but when it comes to fancier writing forget it. But I have an awesome coworker and friend who has beautiful handwriting and a good eye. She was gracious enough to write out the “thankful” on my pillow. She wrote it out in pencil first, and then went over it with a Sharpie. She did an amazing job. If you are like me and fancy writing isn’t your thing or eyeballing it for the correct size you can always purchase a stencil or find a script you like and print it out and trace it onto the pillow or employ the help of a gifted friend.

Now you have your two fall pillows to welcome in the Autumn season! I absolutely love mine, and it is all the more satisfying knowing that they are handmade. Here are the finished products.

pillow 6

pillow 5

Here is a printable list of supplies. Supplies List

And don’t forget to check out Hobby Lobby’s website for a 40% off coupon to use if you purchase your fabric at their store.

Happy Fall Y’all!



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