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Friday Treat

Pic 1Happy Friday everyone from the farm! I am so excited to share with you that Windrose Farms is now on Instagram! Just type in thewindrosefarms into the search browser, and start following us. I will be filling my feed with lots of farm fresh pictures, so come take a peek!

{Picture show and tell –  1st the butternut squash plants that I planted have started blooming, and little squash are starting to appear. I thought the blooms looked beautiful yesterday on a misty morning. 2nd I have a rouge hen who found a way to escape. We have not been able to find the spot, so just about every morning and every afternoon when I go out there she is to greet me. She enjoys being out immensely, and as she doesn’t leave our yard, goes right back into the coop when the door is opened, and the neighbors seem to get a kick out of seeing her walking around our yard, so I am letting her roam. At this point I figure she needs a name. I was thinking Millie possibly because she is thoroughly modern compared to the other hens. If you have any name suggestions let me know in the comments. 3rd The garden fork hooks. Aren’t they adorable? My sister-in-laws gave that to my husband and me as a gift. My sisters-in-law really captured our gardening and farming flair, and the hook rack fits in perfectly! They gave it to us back in May when they were down for a visit, and we finally got it hung this past Sunday. I love it and it makes me smile. Thanks again girlies!}

I thought since it is almost the weekend I would share a recipe with you. I do most of my baking on Saturday or Sunday because I work full time, so if I make something over the weekend we have yummy treats to enjoy during the week. And who doesn’t love being able to just grab something premade for a snack or lunch? Yesterday I shared about my garden and the squash and zucchini I planted, which you can read about here. I pulled up the squash and zucchini plants, (so I could get my winter squash and pumpkins planted) and I still have a bag full of zucchini almost two months later! If you really want to boost your farming/gardening ego plant zucchini and squash. You can’t go wrong. See Exhibit A.

Pic 3

So what do you automatically think of and bake when you have a ton of zucchini? Zucchini bread of course! Oh the cliché. But I actually had never made zucchini bread *gasp*. But least you think “where have you been!?” I have at least eaten it on numerous occasions, so I haven’t been completely deprived, right? Of course there are a gazillion recipes out there for zucchini bread, and it can be difficult to choose. I chose the recipe I used, not because I had tasted it before, but because I have tried other recipes of Sally’s, and they are out of this world, make your pants tighter, but who cares because this is so incredibly good kind of recipes. If you haven’t checked out Sally’s Baking Addiction, you should. I tried her award winning zucchini bread recipe which you can find here (with much prettier pictures I might add). Sally did not disappoint, and it was award winning with my family. I baked two loaves that we took on a trip with us when we visited my in-laws, and it was a smash hit. In a few days the loaves were demolished. I highly recommend Sally’s recipe if you are making zucchini bread for the first time (please tell me I am not the only one) or you are looking for a new recipe to try. It will not disappoint. I followed everything in the recipe except I did not use the chocolate chips. If you have a zucchini bread recipe that you love please share in the comments. As you can see I still have plenty more we need to get eaten up.

pic 4

Enjoy! And have a great weekend!

~Kate xx


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