Spring Has Sprung!

Chickens Foraging Spring has definitely sprung here for us in the south. As such I thought it was time for the blog to come out of hibernation. We were incredibly busy over the holidays (who isn’t), and we were definitely busy around the homestead. A shed being delivered, turning it into a bun barn, taking care of baby buns in the cold (easier than it sounds), butchering our own turkey, and so on and so forth. I am worn out just thinking about all of it! So much to get caught up on, I feel like Willy Wonka, “so much time, and so little to do!…strike that…reverse it!” But for today spring is here and as you can see from the picture above that the little ladies have been enjoying the longer daylight hours and warmer days immensely! They were so thrilled that one of them decided to show her exuberance by laying a jumbotron egg! JUMBO 1JUMBO 2

 That was a fun surprise! Not only has spring brought with it warmer days, and green grass clover, longer days, happy chickens, giant eggs, but new life also. We had 11, yes 11, baby kits (baby rabbits) born on February 8th. Our doe must be super mom of the rabbit world because she single handedly, or in this case, pawedly, fed and raised all 11 successfully. I thought for sure we would loose at least 3, because rabbits only have 8 teats. I didn’t have any other does available to foster some of the kits out, so they had to stay with Mama, and some how she did it. Not only did she feed all 11 kits, but they are all healthy, normal size, and we don’t seem to have any runts. See, super bun for sure. They will be ready to go to their new homes just in time for Easter. So this Saturday they had their Easter pictures taken. It was much less traumatic for them because they didn’t have to sit with some scary person in a creepy rabbit costume…

Easter Bunny 2

Easter Bunny 1There must be something in the water here or everyone is just breeding like rabbits, because one of our Holland Lops, Apricot, became a first time mother. Basically it has turned into a maternity ward here at Windrose Farms. Apricot had 3 kits that were born March 8th, but only one made it. This is actually not too bad for a first time mom, especially since two of the kits were peanuts. Peanuts are kits that are significantly smaller than a normal size kit, and will not develop. They are common in the purebred dwarf breeds, and usually only live around 3-4 days. Peanuts are not to be confused with runts. Runts can survive and will be smaller than the standard size, but peanuts will not survive or mature. We were sad to loose those two, but we are thoroughly enjoying Apricot’s baby. He is absolutely adorable and a little rolly polly butterball. He doesn’t have anyone to compete with for moms attention or feeding time. He will be ready to go to his new home in 5 weeks.

                            A whole new meaning to chubby bunny
A whole new meaning to chubby bunny

Lop 1Lop 2

That is all for today. But much more on the agenda, so stay tuned.

The End

 Because who doesn't love fuzzy chicken bums
Because who doesn’t love fuzzy chicken bums?

Picture Credits: http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Creepy+Easter+Bunnies&Form=IQFRDR#view=detail&id=E221568D897374C3A2E9921981AD56162BE13915&selectedIndex=21


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