Chicken Run

This Saturday my husband and I decided to keep things hopping at our homestead by picking up 6 more chickens to add to the 13 we currently own. We have Plymouth Rocks, Red Sex-Links, Americanas, and now we can add to the list Speckled Sussex and Wyandottes. A friend of mine (Liz) originally purchased the Speckled Sussex and Wyandottes a year ago. However, Liz and her husband have decided to breed and sell primarily German New Hampshire Reds, so they came to the decision to give their first flock of chickens away. My husband and I “swooped” in as it were and took them up on their offer. Let me just say free is always fabulous (did anyone have any doubt?), but on top of that it was AWESOME to be able to put them right outside and into the run! Believe me, those who have raised chickens can attest to the fact that not having to deal with heat lamps, changing their wood chips everyday, and the possibility of them being in your garage or even worse in your home, yes home (crazy I know, but let me just warn you now, these things start happening when you become a homesteader) is an automatic plus. And on top of that they are already laying eggs! The chickens we got from Liz were shipped with the first chickens we purchased a year ago. They are reunited again after all this time. Now isn’t that sweet!? Coming soon I will give information on supplies you will need when raising chicks.

Our “chicken run” was a success and we are happy with our new hens! Here are the lovely ladies on the way to their new home. (Remember, I said crazy things start happening. Never thought I would have chickens in the back of my car)

Chicken Run 2

And sometimes trips to the store look like this. Go figure…

Chicken Run 1

~ Kate


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