Welcome to Windrose Farms! I am completely new at this so bear with me. I suppose I should start off on this first post by telling you a little bit about myself. Stop me if I am rambling and skip to the good stuff (the purpose of the blog) below. (I really won’t be offended.) My name is Kate, and from the time I was little I have loved animals and have been very interested in farming. People would ask, as they often do, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” My response was “a farmer.” Now, if truth be told, barrel racer was also often thrown in there, I can’t help it I am a native Texan, it is in my blood. As cool as that would have been, I was never permitted to have a horse. That kind of puts a wrench in the plans of barrel racing. Running around the yard on a broom doesn’t quite cut it in the competitions. So farmer was the only logical decision. Thank goodness for backup plans! Fast forward and here I am, married and in our first home. Now if you are picturing acres of land and rolling hills, that is a beautiful scene and please continue with your lovely thoughts, just know that where I live is on a hill, not even a flat yard, with only .89 acres. (Cue screech noise) Yes, that is right I only live on .89 acres and I am completely surrounded by neighbors. But I think if you have passion, ambition, and love for something you can still make it happen even if it isn’t on the grand scale that you imagined. So, on a more serious note here are some goals and reasons for my starting this blog:

  1. I want to be an encouragement to wanna be homesteaders like myself by showing that even if you only have a small yard, or even just an apartment, but you love county living and crave the farm life, it is still possible even if it is on a small scale. And that is great too! Be and do all that you can where ever you are in life. We hope to someday have 15+ acres, but that is not a reality for us right now. So I am doing and learning what I can with what we have now. If you are afraid to take the plunge because of time, let me just say it does take time. Depending on what you are doing it is a commitment, but that being said my husband and I both work full time and we are able to get everything done and still have a life outside of chickens, rabbits, and turkeys. So go for it!
  2. I want to provide a good resource for questions mainly concerning raising rabbit. I started raising them this summer and there were so many questions I had and so many things to learn. I could find some info, but there were still a lot of questions I had that were either not answered completely or addressed at all on blogs or websites. This is what really motivated me to start the blog. To provide detailed and helpful information from my own firsthand experiences as I am hopping my way through learning many new things about rabbits from care to breeding.
  3. I would like to give hope to the novice that you can become very knowledgeable in the farming arena. We all have to start somewhere; the main thing is to start something! Most of what I have learned I have learned by doing and learning as I go. But I am also thankful for friends who were knowledgeable and helped me along. I hope to provide the same help from rabbits, to chickens, to turkeys, to gardening, to bee keeping. I am blessed to have several friends who I affectionately call my “farm friends” who raise pigs, sheep, and horses who I will feature as guest writers and provide even more information on your farming needs.
  4. And to just have fun and enjoy life and make people smile. From DIY projects, to recipes and entertaining, canning, knitting, to random thoughts I want this to be a place of inspiration and encouragement to pursue your dreams and help each other along the way. We can all use more farm friends!
    Thank you so much for stopping by! I am excited to start this adventure with you!


Here is a picture of one of our cute little buns. She is a Holland lop. Now how can you resist?



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